We are delighted to have the Elder Hall for the 2024 Australian National Band Championships.

"The simplicity of the stone exterior of Elder Hall gives little indication of the richness of its interior hammer beam ceiling and the resonance of its Casavant Freres organ. Named after Sir Thomas Elder, the building was the first constructed at the University of Adelaide as a result of his philanthropy. A wealthy businessman and pastoralist, Elder left £65 000 to the university upon his death in 1897, of which £20 000 was devoted to music. Elder loved music, as Governor Sir Thomas Buxton noted at a public meeting on 28 March 1898: ‘Sir Thomas gave large sums to provide the best training in music. He gained pleasure and relief from music, and he desired so to encourage music in our midst that it should be still further disseminated, and that education in this subject should be brought home to the masses’" - Advertiser, 29 March 1898 / Adelaidia History



Information about further venues related to the 2024 Australian National Band Championships - within walking distance of Elder Hall - will be advised as soon as possible.