Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format of the Championships?

“Play locally, compete nationally” is the foundation of the 2022 Australian National Band Championships.

Bands will compete (and be live streamed) from a state in-person “hub”. Each band will play a set test piece and an ‘own choice’ work. The time limit for the own choice work is 15 minutes. Adjudication will then be performed from an audio clip of the performance.

When is the 2022 National Championships?

15th - 18th April, 2022.

When’s the next ‘in person’ Championships?

The NBCA is committed to holding the Championships on an annual basis, with a preference for in-person events.

Why aren’t bands playing all four ‘traditional’ pieces?

When the NBCA first raised the idea of a ‘play locally, compete nationally’ contest, we received extraordinary levels of interest. Initial indications suggested we would have over a week’s worth of music to fit into one weekend!

The decision to reduce the number of pieces was made to:

a)       Provide the opportunity for as many bands as possible to compete;

b)      Recognise that many bands have had, and continue to have, difficulty rehearsing ‘normally’;

c)       Reduce the burden for players, as bands will only have one on stage appearance (in which they will play their entire program); and,

d)      Reduce the number of concurrent live stream ‘channels’ required so that we can all catch more musical action over the weekend.

Will the rules and regulations be the same as a ‘normal’ Championships?

No. The NBCA regulations have been amended to facilitate the running of this event. This includes removing unrelated clauses (e.g. relating to the Marching Championship) and amending other clauses specifically for the new format.

Significant regulation changes include allowing a player to play across multiple grades without obtaining a permit providing they do not play in more than one band entered in the same grade (permits are still available) and removing the requirement for signatures on player registration sheets. The full event guidelines are available here. The NBCA is trusting bands to enter the Nationals in a spirit of fairness and goodwill.

How can we guarantee a fair playing field across several venues?

While the event will be held across multiple venues and some of the rules have been streamlined, the NBCA are confident that the venues for each “hub” are of a National Championship standard, and that the event can successfully proceed as a contest (rather than a festival). The NBCA has also partnered with Brassbanned to ensure audio equipment is equal across all hubs.

Will my band need to obtain, and pay for, synchronisation rights?

No. The NBCA has partnered with Brassbanned to provide live streaming of the event from each hub. Recording for adjudication purposes will be audio only (and therefore there will be no synchronisation licencing requirements).

Are there sponsorship and advertising opportunities?

Yes! Sponsorships for the event, or a particular section are available. In addition, there will be opportunities to advertise in the physical program, on the live stream, and in person (e.g. trade stalls) across the hub network. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details on how you can get involved!

Will there be merchandise?

Yes! More information will be available in early 2022. At this stage it is intended that band members will be able to pre-order merchandise, with limited stock available at each in-person hub.

Will there be solo or ensemble events at the Nationals?

No, due to time constraints, there will not be a Solo or Ensemble component to this National Championship.

Still have more questions?

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can answer your question!