The following is the information and forms that you will need to prepare to take your band on-stage.

Player Registration and Declaration Forms

Each band must submit a Player Registration and Declaration Form, which allows us to confirm each player about to walk on stage is who they are supposed to be. Detailed instructions are on the form. Please follow these carefully.

Player Registration and Declaration Form

Permit Players

An application for permit player needs to be submitted for each permit player on stage with your band.

Application for Permit Player

Stage Seating Plans

Seating plans are required so we can prepare the stage for your performance.  Below are the required forms as well as exemplar to assist.  These do not need to be completed exactly like the exemplar, which are only an example for your reference.

Note maximum player numbers on stage are as per current NBCA regulations:

Brass – maximum 34 instrumentalists + percussion as required

Concert – maximum 70 instrumentalists + percussion as required

Stage Seating Plan - Brass Stage Seating Plan - Brass Exemplar
Stage Seating Plan - Concert Stage Seating Plan - Concert Exemplar

Own Choice Music Submission

Your Own Choice Music must be submitted using the form below:

Own Choice Submission Form Own Choice Submission Form - Ensemble